FM210 Flight Simulator

As we know, aircraft rental can be expensive. With a flight simulator you can lower the price of flight training by a substantial amount. You don't have to be flying an actual aircraft to learn certain concepts in piloting an airplane. Some of those examples could include:

Checklist Usage, Cockpit Management, Navigation, Advanced Flight Displays, Auto Pilots, Aeronautical Decision Making and Instrument Failures just to mention a few.

You can also select multiple aircraft that include:

-Single Engine


-Standard Control Wheel (Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft)

-Centered Control Stick (Diamond)

-Side Control Stick (Cirrus, Columbia)

-Center console throttle controls

-Dashboard throttle controls

It is also a much safer environment to create an aircraft malfunction of some type. There are some failures that cannot be created in an actual aircraft due to safety. On the flight simulator we can create an emergency situation while being in the safety of a simulated environment.

This particular simulator is a non-motion type. It does not mechanically create motion like you would see in a much larger simulator. However it does encompass your whole field of view giving you the sense you are actually flying.